Maternal Nutrition

Importance of snacking during pregnancy

The video explains the importance of snacking on peanuts, milk, jaggery and other nutritious foods between meals during pregnancy.

A husband's role in ensuring proper maternal nutrition

How can a man ensure proper nutrition and pregnancy care for his expecting wife? Watch the video to find out.

Digital Media Campaign

Phase I - Main Bhi Bahubali

खुल गया है पर्दा पहले एपिसोड से!

आज होगा फैसला कि आखिर कौन जीतेगा और कहलाएगा असली बाहुबली। देखिए #BahubaliKiJeet और बताइए कॉमेंट कर के कि ये एपिसोड कैसा लगा?

काग़ज़ का खेल | Bahubali Ki Jeet: Episode 2

क्या मिलेगा बाहुबली और पूजा को IGMPY का आसानी से लाभ या फिर सच होगी लखन की बात? पता चलेगा ‘बाहुबली की जीत’ के इस एपिसोड में। कैसा लगा? देख कर कॉमेंट में ज़रूर बताइए।

बाहुबली के पास है खज़ाना, जिसको जीतना है बड़ा मुश्किल | Bahubali Ki Jeet Episode 3

लखन को मिला ऐसा खज़ाना जिसे देख कर वो है हैरान! कैसा लगा? देख कर कॉमेंट में ज़रूर बताइए।

अब होगी बाहुबली की परीक्षा

पूजा पर आई ये कैसी मुसीबत? क्या बाहुबली निभा पाएगा अपनी ज़िम्मेदारी? देखिए आखिरी एपिसोड में।

Phase II - Aslee Bahubali

Aslee Bahubali S01_E01_Bahubali Ambalal Gameti

Story of an ex-sarpanch, Ambalal Gameti, who nudged the young couple towards better health of their underweight newborn, against family ignorance and other social odds.

Aslee Bahubali S01_E02 Sugna Bai Bahubali

Story of a sister-in-law, Sugna Bai, who stepped up to provide medical care to her sister-in-law's low-birth-weight child and supported her in daily chores to ensure healthy growth of the baby.

Aslee Bahubali S01_E03 Kishanlal Kherwada Udaipur

Story of a father-in-law, Kishan Lal, who encouraged his son & daughter-in-law to ensure proper infant care, emphasising exclusive breastfeeding, complementary feeding and family planning.

Aslee Bahubali S01_E04 Mukesh Kharadi

Story of a husband, Mukesh Kharadi, who managed all household chores and took care of his wife during her complicated pregnancy & pre-mature delivery of twin babies.

Aslee Bahubali S01_E05 Rameshwar Banswara (District Health Department)

Story of medical officers of Banswara who took swift action to save the life of a prematurely born infant suffering with hydrocephalus.

Aslee Bahubali S01_E06 Leela Meena

Story of a mother-in-law, Leela Meena, who went against prevailing social customs to ensure proper weight gain & pregnancy care of her daughter-in-law.

Aslee Bahubali S01_E07 Neha Sharma

Story of a beneficiary, Neha Sharma, who learnt from her previous child-birth the ill-effects of junk food during pregnancy and resolved to avoid junk food ensuring a healthy second baby.

Aslee Bahubali S01_E08 Mogi Devi

Story of an Aanganwadi Worker, Mogi Devi, who took extra efforts to support a deaf & mute women during her pregnancy and assisted her in setting up her Poshan Vatika.

Aslee Bahubali S01_E09 Vikas Paliwal

Story of a first time father, Vikas Paliwal, who sincerely followed Poshan Champion's advices to ensure proper pregnancy care and safe delivery of a healthy baby.

Aslee Bahubali S02_E01 ANM Sangeeta Kishanganj

Story on an ANM, Sangeeta, who meticulously utilised a digital weighing machine to diagnose and effectively address the concern of low-birth-weight babies.

Aslee Bahubali S02_E02 Surja Bai

Story of a mother-in-law, Surja Bai, who decided to ensure proper weight gain of her prematurely born grandchild, allowing her daughter-in-law to continue her job after the delivery.

Aslee bahubali S02_E03 Foranta Bai

Story of a mother, Forantha Bai, who was earlier ignorant about complementary feeding started to follow Poshan Champion's advice religiously to ensure proper weight gain of her child.

Aslee bahubali S02_E04 Lalita Ojha ASHA

Story of a socially conscious ASHA worker, Lalita Ojha, who committed herself to preventing any maternal mortality in her village by providing proper maternal & child health counselling and swift support during deliveries.

Aslee Bahubali S02_E05 Bhojraj Bahubali Atru

Story of a husband, Bhojraj Sahariya, who took cognisance of poor condition of his wife and underweight new born baby. Consistently taking guidance from ASHA and Poshan Champion, he took proper care of mother & the baby by emphasising on frequency and diversity of diet.

Aslee Bahubali S02_E06 AWW Tej Kumari Pratapgarh

A strong woman as AWW helped pregnant women to ensure the bank accounts and instalments of the IGMPY & PMMVY schemes and with the help of given books of the RajPusht project, she encouraged pregnant womens to what to eat.